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The Ugly Stick Has Beaten Beauty Stocks, But They’re Ready to Rebound

Key Points
Hims & Hers is a telehealth wellness and beauty platform offering medical consults, sexual health products, and medication.
Hims is experiencing hypergrowth, with revenues and subscriber growth rising significantly.
The Beauty Health Company stock jumped 12% as insiders bought over 100,000 shares.

Beauty stocks, such as Ulta Beauty Inc. and Estee Lauder Co., have been performing poorly this year compared to the overall market.
While beauty stocks were performing well during the post-pandemic reopening, they have struggled in 2023.

Hims & Hers has expanded its offerings to include wellness and beauty care products, in addition to its original focus on erectile dysfunction medication.
The company offers a range of products and services, including over-the-counter and prescription medication, primary care services, mental health services, and more.
Hims is experiencing significant growth in subscribers, revenue, and adjusted EBITDA margin.
The company has raised its revenue guidance for Q3 2023 and full-year 2023.
The Beauty Health Company sells skin care products and services, with a focus on personalized skin care.
The company’s flagship product brand is Hydrafacial, and it also offers other devices and serums.
The Beauty Health Company has reported growth in earnings and revenues, although gross margins have declined.
The company’s CEO has provided insights on consumer engagement and expansion plans in China.
Insiders have made significant purchases of The Beauty Health Company stock.
Overall, while beauty stocks have had a rough year, both Hims & Hers and The Beauty Health Company show potential for a rebound.

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