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5 Top Artificial Intelligence Penny Stocks That Are On Fire

Key Points
The best penny stocks artificial intelligence are only suitable for risk-tolerant speculators.
Penny stocks can double and triple quickly and more efficiently than mid-cap or large-cap stocks.
AI penny stocks have the least liquidity and the most slippage.
5 stocks we like better than
Artificial intelligence has gone mainstream as everyone piles into artificial intelligence stocks. 
While the concept of artificial intelligence has been around for decades, 2023 was indeed the breakout year and tipping point, making it accessible to anyone and everyone with internet access. 
The viral popularity of ChatGPT deserves partial credit. Many artificial intelligence stocks have made tremendous gains over the years, but there may be opportunities for multi-bagger gains for risk-tolerant speculators. 
Low-priced penny stocks can double or triple much quicker than large-cap stocks. However, they can fall much faster, too. Read on for the five best artificial intelligence penny stocks. 
Overview of the Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks
Artificial intelligence integration and adaptation is still in its infancy, leaving a lot of upside potential for the right stocks. Artificial intelligence enhances, optimizes and improves functions and discovers and creates new processes and outcomes. Numerous applications (still being developed) can utilize it.
The following companies implement artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to improve their products, services and operations. These penny AI stocks are cheap AI stocks to buy. The best artificial intelligence stocks tend to be the most expensive since everyone wants to be invested in them, driving up share prices. These can also be crowded trades. 
Why Invest in Artificial Intelligence Penny Stocks?
Suppose you want to engage with artificial intelligence stocks off the beaten path and are willing to take the risk. In that case, artificial intelligence penny stock companies can accommodate the highest-risk portion of your portfolio. Artificial intelligence is a secular trend with a long runway. The big behemoth leaders like Microsoft Co. NASDAQ: MSFT, Alphabet Inc. NASDAQ: GOOGL and NVIDIA Co. NASDAQ: NVDA are well-known large-cap stocks and expensive mature companies. Many under-the-radar developmental, emerging AI stocks and early-stage companies have not yet hit maturation. The fundamentals may be iffy, so there is the risk that artificial intelligence may not bring the dream to fruition. 
There’s an inherent risk with penny stocks. Risk is proportionate to reward. For those willing to absorb the risk, penny stocks may provide the opportunity to get in on companies that have yet to hit maturation or have fundamental issues yet to become resolved. While not all penny stocks are broken companies, it’s best to assume so unless proven otherwise. 
5 Best Artificial Intelligence Penny Stocks 
Here are best AI penny stocks to consider right now. Remember, penny stocks in AI are speculative. If you decide to invest, it should only be risk capital. 

The following companies aren’t AI startup stocks to buy — they have been in business for a while. Do your research if you decide to take the plunge. 



Market Cap

Industry Specialty Inc.


$217.4 million

AI for decision support for defense and intelligence.

Remark Holdings Inc.


$12.25 million

AI facial recognition

Inuvo Inc.


$33 million

AI advertising

Veritone Inc.


$115 million

AI computing

IZEA Worldwide Inc.


$34.4 million

AI influencer match

1. Holdings Inc. Holdings Inc. NASDAQ: BBAI provides tools and insights for decision support using AI and machine learning. It focuses on autonomous systems, cybersecurity solutions, supply chains, and logistics. It generates most of its revenue from contracts with the United States government defense and intelligence agencies. It has clients in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, and life sciences. BigBear saw revenues increase 15.8% YoY to $42.2 million in Q1 2023. It has partnered with defense firm L3Harris Technologies Inc. NYSE: LHX to provide computer vision and predictive analysis applications for autonomous surface vessels for the Department of Defense. BBAI shares have gained 91% YTD and have a 10.4% short interest.
Look for earnings estimates on financehubusa.

2. Remark Holdings Inc.
Remark Holdings Inc. NASDAQ: MARK specializes in video analytics and computer vision using AI. It offers facial recognition and identification solutions for detecting people, objects, and behavior in video feeds. Its clients include the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Barclays Center, Scientific Games, and more. Remark recently closed a 30-month agreement to implement its mobile SSP for facial and license plate recognition in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 
Look for Remark income statements and balance sheets on financehubusa.

3. Inuvo Inc.
Inuvo Inc. NASDAQ: INUV is a digital advertising solutions provider that uses AI for targeted advertising. It has developed the IntentKey service, which identifies consumer intent for more effective ad campaigns without relying on third-party cookies. Inuvo saw revenues increase 40% sequentially to $16.7 million in Q2 2023. It aims to help clients reduce wasted ad spend and create more efficient and optimized ad campaigns.
Look for Inuvo analyst ratings and price targets on financehubusa.

4. Veritone Inc.
Veritone Inc. NASDAQ: VERI provides artificial intelligence software, applications, and services for the media and entertainment industry. Its main product, aiWARE, helps automate workflows using AI for content creation, curation, distribution, and monetization. Veritone has over 3,700 SaaS customers and partners with companies like Microsoft and Oracle. It reported Q2 2023 GAAP revenues of $28 million and is focused on adapting to changes in the industry.
Learn more about Veritone analyst ratings and price targets on financehubusa.

5. IZEA Worldwide Inc.
IZEA Worldwide Inc. NASDAQ: IZEA is an AI-powered social media influencer discovery and matching platform. It connects advertisers with content creators on social media using AI to analyze data and optimize influencer campaigns. IZEA reported Q2 2023 revenues of $10.7 million. The company has a strong cash position and has authorized a share buyback program.
Look for IZEA analyst ratings and price targets on financehubusa.

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